How to Shop Safely on the Internet?

Check the site’s security status in your browser’s address bar. On a “secure” website, a green lock icon is displayed to the left of the website’s address in most browsers.

In its simplest definition, 3D secure means a 3D security system. It is one of the methods developed to secure online payment transactions. In the 3D system, a secure exchange of information with passwords is carried out between the customer, the bank and the workplace during payment.

You can click the lock icon to confirm the details of the website (such as the type of encryption used).

SSL security certificate is one of our primary steps when shopping online. It means that the website you are shopping on protects your data in international security standards. That’s why it’s important to check the existence of the SSL certificate. For this, you can check if there is a lock sign to the left of the URL section of your browser. This flag check is the easiest way to verify the SSL certificate.

Turkey shopping sites that offer special campaigns, discount coupons and gifts in online shopping are also motivations that lead consumers to online shopping.

Online shopping has convenience, ease of shipping and practical advantages.

Shopping online is very practical. Online shopping, which is preferred by many users because it saves time and effort, can sometimes cause various problems. Some of the rules that must be followed in order to shop securely online are as follows:

What should be considered when shopping online?

Pay attention to dealer security: Virtual POS should not be used

Pay attention to SSL Certificate for secure shopping.

• 3D Secure system is a must!

• Use virtual card for secure shopping.

• Be sure to make the payment from your own computer.

• Do social media research and look into complaints.

• Look at the address and phone.

• Make it from your own computer.

How to Shop from Trendyol?

From the moment you decide to shop at Trendyol, the site guides you through the steps to complete your shopping.

When ordering, it consists of a simple sequence such as select the product, add to the cart and complete your payment by going to the cart stage.

Turkey’s best shopping site

• Trendyol Turkey

• Hepsiburada

• Zara Turkey shopping

• Koton online shopping

• Decathlon shopping turkey

• LC Waikiki online shopping

• Adidas Turkey

Advantages of Online Shopping

• Millions of Product Options.

• It Saves You Time.

• Benefit from Discounts and Campaigns.

• Compare the Products You Will Buy.

• You can buy the products you want.

• You can shop securely.

• Easy Payment Options.

• Easy Return Option.

• You can shop from anywhere

• Shop whenever you want

Easy Payment Options for Shopping Online

1. Cash Payment

2. Payment by Credit and Debit Card

3. Remittance

4. EFT

5. Digital Wallet

6. Mobile Wallet

7. Payment at the Door

The widespread use of online shopping causes people to shop more. However, it is very important not to ignore the security measures, to take the necessary precautions and to be careful while shopping. It is the responsibility of the users to ensure that the site is reliable and to keep the card information as confidential as possible. Performing internet shopping, which takes place in a fast and practical way, from secure computers will also help protect you from problems that may be caused by malicious software.